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Honorary Certificate
ISO 9001: 2000 certificate
GL certificate ( Germany )
LR certificate ( UK )
ABS certificate ( USA )
NK certificate ( Japan )
RINA certificate ( Italy )

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Electro Hydraulic Telescopic Knuckle Boon Crane
VTBC1-VTBC30 (SWL: 1-30 ton)

Electro Hydraulic Telescopic Knuckle Boom Crane

Deck Crane Range
Victory Machinery’s crane range include cranes for several duties, such as:
Hose handling cranes, Provision handling cranes, Manual electric Provision crane, Cargo cranes, Grab handling cranes, Gantry travelling slewing cranes, Combined lifesaving. The type of crane depends on the customers need. We can deliver both fixed jibs, telescopic jibs, as well as knuckle-boom jibs, and telescopic knuckle-boom crane.
Typical Victory Machinery’s Deck Crane
Electrical-hydraulic type with built-in power pack.
Crane control
The deck crane is controlled from and open platform above the slewing ring. Entrance to platform by ladder (note that we also can deliver the crane with a driver’s cabin). The speeds are controlled step less from 0 to max. Two motions can be operated at the same time with full capacity, but with reduced speed.
Load limiting system
Each hydraulic circuit is provided with equipment for limiting hydraulic pressure to preset values corresponding with crane capacity.
Limit Switches
Each movement will be provided with a limit switch.
Hook travel up - down
The deck crane is provided with an automatic hook stop in top and bottom position.
Luffing up - down
The luffing cylinder is designed for safe buffering in extreme positions.
Folding out - in
The folding cylinder is designed for safe buffering in extreme positions.
Slewing limit
No slewing limit switches for slewing.
Electric hydraulic power pack
The deck crane is provided with a built in power pack.
The electric pump motor is located in centre of the pedestal with output shaft pointing upward and driving the hydraulic pump through a flexible coupling.
The slewing column steel structure is utilized as tank for the hydraulic oil.
The hydraulic oil circuit has a full flow return filter with changeable filter inserts.
The tank is provided with an oil level indicator and a temperature gauge.
Electric pump motor
The electric pump motor is of squirrel cage type, fan cooled and certified for use in safe area, type of enclosure, IP55, isolation class B and provided with an anti-condensation heater.
Electric starter
A DOL starter for location in the deck housing will be supplied as a loose item. The starter will be included as standard as well as an hour meter, ampere meter, light for motor running and power available, and start/stop buttons in the front door. In addition there is a start/stop push button on the crane pedestal.
Slewing machinery
These types of cranes are provided with a slewing ring designed for marine applications. The gearing is internal. The slewing gear is of the planetary type with multi disk brake. Adjustment of backlash between pinion and gearing on slewing ring is possible; slewing motor is of the axial piston type.
Hoisting Machinery
The winch unit consists of: Drum with bearing and brackets. Winch gear with hydraulic operated fail-safe brake. Hydraulic motor with safety valve to "freeze movement in case of pressure drop
The drum is designed for a capacity to take the wire rope can be several layers.
The wire rope is the non-rotating type and is galvanized. Minimum safety factor is 5.
The wire sheaves are provided with heavy-duty roller bearing on stainless axles. All bearings have grease nipple lubrication.JIB cylinder - folding cylinder - telescope cylinder.
The cylinders are designed for marine use and have maintenance free composite bearings on stainless steel axles. The piston rod is chrome-plated to prevent rust attack.
Safety features
The hoisting machinery is designed with equipment for emergency lowering of load in case of power failure. The jib cylinders load control valve is designed for emergency lowering of the jib in case of power failure.
Hydraulic pipes and hoses
Hydraulic pipes are of the stainless steel type with chromated fittings. The hoses are selected to give a safety factor of min 4 against rupture.
Steel structure
The steel quality is selected in accordance with the classification societies recommendation to obtain necessary ductility for the lower temperature design limit. All important welds are carried out in accordance with welding procedures. After welding, a certain amount of NDT control is carried out.
Surface treatment on deck cranes
Exterior: Abrasive blast clean of all structure to SA 2,5.
One coat of two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer. Dry film thickness approx 30 - 40 microns.
One intermediate coat, type two pack mastic mio epoxy. Dry film thickness approx 125 microns. All types of paint can be applied, both one- and two pack qualities. Top coat can be delivered upon request.
Interior crane house (hydraulic oil tank)
Abrasive blast clean of all surfaces to SA 2,5.
One coat of two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer. Dry film thickness approx 30 - 40 microns.
Interior pedestal
Abrasive blast clean of all surfaces to SA 2,5.
One coat of two-pack zinc rich epoxy primer. Dry film thickness approx 30 - 40 microns.
One intermediate coat, type two pack mastic mio epoxy. Dry film thickness approx 125 microns.
Note: above mentioned according to use requirements, different model and different configuration cost different price.
Classification Certificate:
And all our marine crane, winch, and windlass can meet classification of ABS, BV, LR, GL, DNV, RINA, NK, CCS, KR, etc,
Victory Machinery Ltd range for the offshore industry are:
Electric Monorail beam engine room crane and Electric Double Beam Engine Room Crane,
Electric, hydraulic or manual operated provision crane equipment,
Electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual operated slewing cranes,
Cutting container crane,
Provision handling cranes with baskets,
Telescopic boom crane, knuckle boom crane, combined Telescopic knuckle boom crane.

To obtain details of this product range please contact us.

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