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2DB Multi-drum(combined) electric winch
ranges: 3-40 Ton

2DB Multi-drum (combined) electric winch, marine or mooring winch with Quick Release Mooring System

"Quick Release Mooring Hook" are designed and accepted world-wide as the leading standard by shipyard and tugboat operators. Quick Release are specially designed to improve the safety of ship handling operations and optional remote release of mooring lines whilst under full load conditions.

Our Quick Release Mooring Hooks are available in sizes to meet all requirements. The mooring hooks are available as standard with a capacity of 40, 60, 75, 100, 125, and 200 tons and can be supplied as single, double, triple, sextuple or quadruple hook assembly. Remote Release and Load Monitoring can be specified and Powered Capstans can be incorporated into the unit.

The mooring units can be mounted onto concrete or steel deck structures and are designed to operate through 180 degree horizontally and 45 degree vertically.

a. Easy and safe release with either a slack or loaded mooring line.
b. Free swiveling ensuring perfect alignment and therefore requiring no sliding plates. This makes the Quick Release Hooks the most suitable for use at gas, oil and chemical terminals.
c. Locking device to prevent accidental operation.
d. Single (one man) action to reset the hook.
e. Integral Capstans (optional) for hauling in the mooring line.
g. Remote Control Systems (optional) for remote hook release.
h. Mooring Load Monitoring Systems (optional) for continuous measurement of mooring loads.

Advantages of Mooring Hooks
1.  Marine Mooring Hooks are manufactured from heavy steel plates, casting not forgings are used.
2.  All mooring hooks can be manually released at 100% of the safe working load with a minimum effort (max. 10 - 20 kgf.)
3.  All mooring hooks are tested individually at 150% of the safe working load.
4.  Single Movement (One Man) Action to reset the hook.
5.  Mooring hooks are painted as standard with ISO approved coating.
6.  Hooks are Free-swiveling ensuring fully spark free-operation.
7.  Hooks can be fully disassembled with standard hand tools.
8.  All moving parts are provided with grease nipples

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