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Honorary Certificate
ISO 9001: 2000 certificate
GL certificate ( Germany )
LR certificate ( UK )
ABS certificate ( USA )
NK certificate ( Japan )
RINA certificate ( Italy )

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P Type Fixed Boom Crane
P2006-P30024 (SWL: 2-30 ton)

P Type Fixed Boom Marine Crane

Hoisting up to 30 M.
working load up to 30 ton or even more.
Working radius range 2-22M or more.
Luffing time rang 35- 80s
Classification certificate:
Classification available for the international of ABS, BV, LR, GL, DNV, RINA, NK, CCS, KR, etc,
The crane entrance is by inside mounted ladders in gantry legs via platform along gantry girder to platform on the drivers cabin.
Operator’s cabin is steel welded design and equipped with tinted safety glass. The windows can opening type. To reduce the noise and vibration the cabin is suspended on rubber vibration dampers, its according to users requirements.
The cabin can be equipped with:
·adjustable operator’s seat (forward and back)
·electric window wiper
In addition to cabin control the crane can be controlled from a portable radio (wireless) control box.
In the operator’s cabin there are two consoles:
Right side console.
·Hoisting main hoist/slewing joystick.
·PLC control panel/screen.
·Left side console:
·Luffing/travelling joy stick
·Aux hoist joy stick
·Emergency stop
·Start/stop of main motor
Running lamp
Power on lamp
On/off switch for window wiper
On/off switch for heater
On/off switch for cabin light
On/off switch for flood light
Control for audible and visual warning
Warning light for oil level
Warning light for high oil temperature
Warning light for high motor temperature Selector switch for by-pass low oil level and high motor temperature
Alarm off
Buzzer for gantry travelling.
Hook load indication
The portable radio (wireless) control box has following controls:
Hoisting main hoist/slewing joystick.
Luffing/travelling joy stick
Aux hoist joy stick
Emergency stop
Start/stop of main motor
Running lamp
On/off switch for flood light
On/off for audible and visual warning
Failure light
Hook load indication for both main and aux hoist.
The crane speed can be controlled stepless from 0 to max.
If several motions which have their own pump are operated, you will get full load and full speed. If you are operating two motions sharing
pump, you will get full load - but reduced speed.
The crane can be equipped with PLC load limiting system, which includes the following components:
- PLC main unit located in cabin
- PLC control panel with screen located in right side controller box in cabin
- Load cell for main hoist
- Load cell for aux hoist
- Trim angle indicator
- List angle indicator
- Boom angle indicator
The software in the PLC will prevent the crane from overload in any condition. The main winch and auxiliary winch overload the winch and vice versa. Actual load on the hooks will be shown on PLC screen and on radio remote controller.
1 - Hook travel up and down
The crane is provided with an automatic hook stop in top and bottom position.
2 - Luffing up - down
The luffing cylinder is designed for safe buffering in extreme positions.
Cylinder to buffer steel to steel with automatic slowdown before buffering.
3 - Slewing limit
There are no limit switches for slewing.
4 - Crane travel
The crane can be provided with limit switches for travelling in both directions. In addition, buffer system is mounted on the gantry.
The crane is provided with a built-in power pack. Its electric motor is located inside gantry girder driving the hydraulic pump through a gearbox. The gantry girder steel structure is utilised as tank for the hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic oil circuit has a full flow return filter with changeable filter inserts. The tank is provided with an oil level indicator and a temperature indicator, and there is an oil cooler installed.
The electric pump motor is of squirrel cage type, fan cooled and certified for use in safe area, type of enclosure IP56 and provided with an anti-condensation heater. Isolation class F.
Slip-ring unit for transmission of the electrical power is located in the gantry girder. The unit will include slip rings for control signals supply to lights etc.
Hydraulic swivel for transmission of hydraulic power from gantry to slewing part is located inside the girder.
A floodlight for mounting on the boom is included for lighting of the machine room, cabin and along walkways.
A star/delta starter for location on the crane will be supplied. Included as standard is the starter, hour meter, ampere meter, light for motor running and power available, and start/stop buttons in the front door. In addition emergency stop push buttons on gantry legs will be provided.
The crane can be provided with a slewing ring designed for marine applications. The gearing is internal. The slewing gears are of the planetary type with multi disk brake. Adjustment of backlash between pinion and gearing on slewing ring is possible. Crane equipped with four slewing machineries.
The crane can be provided with travelling machineries designed for marine application on each side at the gantry. The travelling gears are of planetary type and with multi disk brakes. Travelling motors are hydraulic type. Adjustment of the backlash between pinion and gear rack is
The winch units can consist of:
- Grooved drum with bearing and brackets
- Winch gear with hydraulic operated fail-safe brake
- Hydraulic motor with safety valve to freeze movement in case of pressure drop.
The drum is designed for a capacity to take the wire rope on several layers.
The wire rope used is the non-rotating galvanised type with a minimum safety factor of 5.
The wire sheaves are provided with heavy-duty roller bearing on stainless axles.
All the bearings have grease nipple lubrication.
There are two cylinders can be on the gantry crane. They are designed for marine use and have spherical composite bearings on stainless steel axles.
The piston rods are stainless steel with hard chrome plated surfaces to prevent rust attack.
1 - The hoisting machinery can be designed with equipment for emergency lowering of load in case of power failure.
2 - The jib cylinders load control valve can be designed for emergency lowering of the jib in case of power failure.
Hydraulic pipes and fittings mounted on the outside are of the stainless steel type, and all fittings mounted inside crane structure can be chromated. Fittings can be JIC flare type. The hoses are selected to give a safety factor of minimum 4 against rupture.
The steel quality is selected in accordance with the classification society recommendation to obtain necessary ductility for the lower temperature design limit.
All-important welds are carried out in accordance with welding procedures. After welding, a certain amount of NDT control is carried out.
As per yard’s specification.
- As far as possible, all bearings can be maintenance free.
- Radio controller provided with single failure alarm light. Failure alarm in text to be shown on PLC screen in cabin.
- Hook connected to lower block sheave house by shackle.
- All railings and ladders inside crane structure will be hot dip galvanized and all outside ladders can be stainless steel.
- Length of cable on cable drum based on total travelling length, cable fed from center and 10m cable for installation on ship. Ie, total cable lengt plus safety turns on cable drum.
- Crane has to be locked both to rails and to the elevated structure on ship when parked.
- And all requirements according to use demand, different model have different configuration.

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